It Wasn’t Just A Catchy Headline

At the beginning of September 2020, EBF Trade Finance was launched and our headline was “A Game Changer for Canadian Importers”.

Most people who read that most likely thought – “Sounds too good to be true”.

One month after our launch we have 4 clients approved and ready to fund, over $60 million (USD) of applications in underwriting, and a wave of exited importers rethinking how they finance their imports.

So, what makes this new product a “game changer”?

Unlike most PO Financiers:

  • We are not seeking security
  • We are not insisting on drop-shipment to the end user
  • We are allowing the Importer to pay us in 120 days after we pay for the goods on their behalf
  • Using our extensive network of International Trade professionals – we will work with the importer to refine the terms of purchase
  • We only insist on a 20% deposit and our network takes care of the rest
  • We don’t insist on the Canadian sale invoice being factored

Our first approved client said, “This makes so much sense and using your product, I can instantly double my business!”

While there is no requirement to factor your Canadian sale invoice, ask us about how you can combine our Trade Finance product with our Factoring product to create a ‘cash bubble’ in your business which can accelerate your growth and prosperity.


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