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Equipment Lease Buyback allows your business to maintain a healthy debt-to-equity ratio and avoid hefty capital outlays.

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Equipment Lease Buyback is the perfect solution for business leaders who need access to fast capital and who want to retain possession, and subsequent use, of the assets they use as collateral.

At EBF, we offer a range of Equipment Lease Buy Back options for businesses across a variety of industries. Our experienced team of Account Managers can work with you and your team to understand your unique needs and find the perfect financial solution for your business.

Equipment Lease Buyback is a type of financing product that allows your business to acquire necessary capital by leveraging the equity that is locked up in the equipment that your business owns, while retaining use of the asset/s that is leveraged.

Terms may vary; however, the monthly process remains the same, regardless of the terms that you opt for. Each month, the borrower will repay a standard rate back to the lender and, at the end of the payment cycle, the borrower will pay a final payment to the lender to complete the cycle. This final payment works as the “buyback” of the equipment and returns ownership to the business.

Equipment Lease Buyback allows you to take advantage of a number of tax benefits. Because the asset is often financed at a lower value than its purchase value, you negate any potential capital gains tax. Because your business is essentially leasing the product back from the lender, you can also write the cost off to tax.

Another benefit of Equipment Lease Buyback is that it provides access to significant capital, even when your business does not qualify for traditional finance.

At EBF, our extensive experience in Equipment Lease Buyback has offered us insight into many industries and businesses of varying scales. As a result, our team have the ability to identify the right solution for you, taking into account the many factors that impact your business within its niche, as well as the specific needs of a business at your scale, from small-scale to multinational.

We also offer a range of financial solutions and can leverage our full range of services to tailor a unique suite to meet your exact need. At Express Business Funding, we understand the importance of providing flexible and customizable leasing options to meet the unique needs of businesses in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.


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