At EBF, we are led by the four cornerstones on which our business was founded. These cornerstones are the framework for the way that we conduct ourselves and the level of service that we offer our customers.​
In addition we are extremely proud to have worked alongside and continue to transform numerous Canadian businesses by helping them maintain focus on the key aspects of their business model.
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At EBF, we believe in open, accessible communication with our customers. We work hard to build trust-based relationships with our clientele and a key aspect of this is the transparency which we provide.

We not only offer open, transparent communication, but also clear, simple, and transparent fee structures. This allows our customers to make informed decisions which work toward the betterment of their business, no matter the financial facility that your business has received.
A common practice in the Alternative Finance industry is to remit payment in blocks, so that the longest period of accruable interest may be gained by the lender. At EBF, we strive to change this unsavory approach to lending.

Instead, we settle all customer accounts as and when our client’s outstanding receivables are paid.
We have worked hard to provide our customers with an easy-to-use, accessible system which allows you to view live reports on your account.

Through our client portal, access information such as the status of your account, outstanding amounts, payment dates, and much more!
At EBF, we consider every customer a valuable business partner. We do not consider our customers as “just a number”, and keep our portfolio manageable to the scale of our team, to ensure that the quality of service we offer you remains outstanding throughout your journey with us. We understand that the success of your business is, ultimately, the success of ours too, and this vested interest ensures you gain a partner on whom you can count.

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