Taking a Moment to Celebrate our Magnificent Country this Canada Day

Woman holding Canadian Flag

Canada Day gives citizens the opportunity to celebrate all that makes Canada, Canada. With such a diverse population, boasting a palette of rich and wonderful heritages, being Canadian can mean something wildly different from one person to another. With this in mind, the EBF team would like to take a moment to appreciate our fellow Canadians and celebrate our individuality – which beautifully weaves, like individual strands, into the fabric of our nation.

This Canada Day is a particularly important one for the EBF family, as our Chief Growth Officer, Gareth Bird, celebrates this (alongside his family) as the first Canada Day since receiving their citizenship.

“Every member of my family, including myself, was born in South Africa. The world can be an unwelcoming place to foreigners. In Canada, this couldn’t be further from reality, though. Since moving to Canada, my family and I have always felt like members of the community, like we belong, and like we were a part of the beating heart of the nation. I marvel every day at the solidarity and patriotism of my fellow Canadians, each willing to give the shirt off their back or a helping hand to those who need it. I’m grateful to the friends I’ve made, who have gone above and beyond to help my family settle in. I am in constant awe at the quality of life promoted by companies that genuinely care for their employees and customers. Canada deserves a day of celebration because there is so much to celebrate!” says Bird.

Gareth Bird is not the only foreign national to call Canada home at EBF, and this is something that further illustrates one of the most beautiful parts of Canada – that the country is not one of natural-born Canadians, but a country made up of those who seek out its betterment, who take pride in its successes, and who strive to make it better for future generations – regardless of one’s birthplace.

Our keen sense of national pride is, perhaps most of all, what connects all Canadians. No matter our personal history, we are all – at our core – Canadian and, therefore, bonded in ways we may never truly understand.

From the EBF team, we wish you a wonderful Canada Day!

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