Meet Kevin Fagundes

EBF’s Chief Financial Officer

Meet Kevin Fagundes, the Chief Financial Officer at EBF. As the head of EBF’s financial division, Kevin’s core functions include managing our major portfolios, tending to the business’ key financial functions, and overseeing the exemplary delivery of the services that we offer.

Though the bulk of Kevin’s education and experience is in the financial world, his passion for customer service has led him to become heavily involved in the account management component of our business. With Kevin’s help, we have formed strong, long-lasting relationships with every business that we work with.

“My favorite part of my job is definitely the people aspect. I get to work with a wide variety of people across an array of industries. Each one gives me the chance to learn something new,” says Kevin.

When you engage with EBF, do not be surprised to see Kevin in the trenches, working hands-on on your account to identify the best possible solution for your business! Our team know Kevin as a reliable, honest, and committed member of the EBF family and relies on his problem-solving skills daily. His ability to lead from the front gives the members of our team – even those who do not work directly under his division – the support to excel.

Kevin applies his business and finance acumen to our customer accounts, to ensure that we not only provide the right solution but also to ensure that the effect of the solution is felt long after it has been provided.

“Being able to help a client out of a dire state is one of the reasons that I love being a part of EBF. We get to take our clients from a place of despair and watch their businesses thrive once we’ve provided them with the help they need. It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do,” concludes Kevin.

If you would like to chat with Kevin, he would love to chat with you! You can reach him here or leave a query with us on our Contact Us page and Kevin will get back to you.

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