Express Business Funding Mitigates Effects of Lender Fatigue, Emboldens Growth with $4M Factoring Facility

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Express Business Funding (EBF) provides a local construction firm enduring lender fatigue with a $4,000,000 factoring facility to sustain a period of tremendous growth.

The factoring facility was coupled with a $700,000 asset-based loan to settle CRA arrears and secure preferential relationships with suppliers. The two facilities combined allowed the customer to move away from their existing factor, which did not offer the flexibility required to support the business’ growth.

“Sometimes you have to see where your customer is heading, not where they’re at,” says Gareth Bird, Chief Growth Officer at EBF. “Our team is comprised of not only finance specialists, but business specialists too so that we can make informed decisions regarding the brands we work with and help them realize the heights that they’re bound to get to – even when very few others can see it,” concludes Bird.

The customer has continued to report record growth year-over-year since engaging EBF.

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