Celebrating Your Workforce this Labor Day

5 Unique Ways to Thank Your Employees This Labor Day

“A workman is not just a workman. A laborer is not just a laborer. An office worker is not just an office worker. They are living, breathing, important pillars on which the entire structure of our civilization is erected. They are not cogs in a mighty machine. They are the machine itself.”

When I was young, I’d sit with my grandparents while they beguiled my brothers and me with stories of their parents and grandparents’ lives. One of my great-grandfathers was a bricklayer. The other was a trainman (one of his core functions was coupling train cars). The latter actually died with only three fingers – a footnote my grandmother seldom neglected to mention.

As I grew up, I wondered how two men, who lived such (seemingly) simple lives, working menial jobs, could garner so much respect and adoration from the manager of a large bank (my grandmother) and a very successful accountant (my grandfather). Comparatively, their jobs were of much more import – their individual wealth surpassing the accumulative wealth of both men.

It was only when I began working myself that I realized where their adoration stemmed from. With every skilfully laid brick or carefully coupled train car, the person/ people that made use of that building or train were assured of their safety. These men, whose stories were not jotted in great novels or personified on the silver screen, were instead nameless to all except their friends and family.

It is with this selfless anonymity that many, if not all, laborers build (and progress) the world around us. It is with this skilful application of one’s craft that so many can make their daily commute safely, live and work undeterred by the environment, and enjoy the many other pleasures of the modern world. Without each integral pillar on which our society’s structure stands, life would not be what it is today.

This is the essence of Labor Day. Once a year, we are given the opportunity to remember and acknowledge every hard-working person who keeps our society moving forward, who places the roof over our head, and who allow us to live the lives we do. Labor Day serves as a moment to express our gratitude and acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our workforce. Our employees consistently go above and beyond, bringing their best selves to work, day in and day out. Their dedication and commitment to excellence inspire us all. We are humbled by their passion, expertise, and unwavering drive to make a difference.

With this in mind, we take a look at 5 ways business leaders can better celebrate their workforce this year.

Personal Appreciation Notes

We seldom receive handwritten letters anymore. In the age of technology, where digitization has turned every form of communication into ones and zeros, there isn’t much need for handwritten letters. That said, there is nothing more personal, more evident of the time and thought that went into your communication to someone than a handwritten note.

For larger organizations, where it would not be feasible to handwrite a letter to every person in the company, each head of department can be tasked with writing a letter to their respective team members.

The notes don’t have to be long or convoluted. It can be as simple as a few words on why each member of the team is an important, critical part of the team.

Couple each letter with a small gift, like a box of sweets or a gift card, and you’ll truly capture the essence of Labor Day this year!

Fun Vouchers

An easy, fun, and unique way to spoil your workforce this Labor Day is custom vouchers. Here are a few ideas for some easy-to-do vouchers which will cost you very little:

  • ‘One free day off’: Think, ‘Ferris Bueller’, but with permission.
  • ‘One-hour extra lunch break’: Used when you need time to eat and take a nap.
  • ‘x1 overtime multiplier’: Used when you want overtime, but don’t want to work
  • ‘x1 lunch is on me’: Used when you want to say, “Yes” to, “I’m heading out for lunch, do you want anything?” but don’t want to say the obligatory, “I’ll get the next one”.

There’s a lot that can be done with these vouchers, depending on the kind of relationship that you have with your employees. Let your creative juices flow!

Host a Cookout/ Barbeque

This is a viable option for businesses small and large, though the location may change depending on the size of your business. For small businesses, host a barbeque at your home or local park. Invite families and cook for your employees.

If you own a larger business, you could host the barbeque at your office or a venue that can cater to the number of employees you have. You and your management team should do the catering and cooking to pamper your hard-working staff.

Host an Awards Ceremony

You don’t have to take this awards ceremony too seriously. Awards can range from, “Best Dressed” or “Most Contagious Laugh”, to “Most Committed” or “Highest Selling”. The seriousness or whimsicalness of the awards is entirely up to you.

You can couple each award with a trophy or small gift, such as a Spotify gift card or a bottle of wine.

Pay for Their Studies

This one doesn’t have to be as costly as it sounds. If you have the means to cover someone’s student fees, they’d sure be grateful for your generosity! But we’re talking about short, inexpensive courses.

There is a plethora of these online across a range of specializations. From nail technician certificates to business management short courses, you can assist your employees in achieving a higher level of growth by investing in them this Labor Day.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your workforce this Labor Day, we should remain cognizant of the significant contributions that they make to not only our businesses but to society as a whole. We thank every employee both within our own business and outside for their hard work, dedication, and passion.

Happy Labor Day from the Express Business Funding family!


– Graeme Bland, Marketing Manager at Express Business Funding.

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